What’s your business?

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Manufacturing, Distribution and Warehousing

  • Leverage the full managed capabilities of your mobile devices for your operations:
  • Geolocate your trucks to optimize your delivery routes. Equip each driver with its own mobile business devices to work faster and more efficiently. Connect all mobile data to your IT, on the go, every 5 minutes. Leverage the data collected, unlimited size and history, to improve your business efficiency and save costs.
mobile device for manufacturing and Distribution
Transportation and Logistic

Transportation and Logistic

  • Your business apps for drivers
  • Camera, Scanner, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Sensors and more. Wizy group management enables you to scale up as you need and go global fast, equipping all your business locations in a matter of days.

Hospitality, Point of Sales

  • Take orders using tablets or create engaging customer experiences
  • Use the Kiosk mode to setup your tablets blocked on your business apps. Tablets can now be used to take orders, visualize your catalogue of services, manage hotel rooms appliances, and more. Enjoy the added value of all behavioral data collected on the go to grow your business, thanks to Machine learning and AI.
Hospitality, Point of sales
Field Service Management

Field Service Management

  • The locked down kiosk mode enables you to deploy mobile devices with a dedicated business purpose suited to the field workers role.
  • Mobile devices can be shared between field workers when changing shifts.
  • Applications can be silently deployed in the background to ensure that every device is alway up to date with the latest apps required by the business.
  • Accounts and wifi connection can be automatically set up over the air.