Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management with the latest Android technology

WizyEMM is the first mobile device management solution focused exclusively on Android Enterprise. We built our solution from the ground up for Android, using the newest Android Management API. We are the best-in-breed mobile device management for your Android Enterprise deployments.

Powerful and native

We are native to all Android devices. There is no need to install an agent on a device in order to enroll it into our mobile device management, because we use the Google-developed agent which is native to all Android GMS devices, running version 6.0 and above. Enrollment into WizyEMM is made quick and easy. Because we use the latest Android Management API, we can offer a consistent management experience across all Android devices. Read more about Android Management API.

Keeping it simple

We built our mobile device management solution for Android only. This allowed us to avoid the complexities you find in many other MDMs which revolve around managing many different OS types. Their complexity in turn translates to needing extensive and expensive training just to get started. We focused on Android, and this makes our mobile device management solution super simple to use.

Supporting migration from Windows CE

As Windows is progressively leaving the mobility market, we are here to assist our customers in refreshing their fleet of mobile devices. We partner with products like Ivanti Velocity to enable our customers to push their green screen applications directly onto their new Android devices, without needing to redevelop them. Quickly future proof your business with our mobile device management solution. Learn More

Ensure devices are always productive

Maintain devices up and running in the field

  • Upload, push, configure and update apps
  • Start applications remotely
  • Push files
  • Send message 
  • Remote control
  • Live feedback on device configurations with the feedback channel
Set up alerts to be kept informed on any configuration issues

Always keep an eye on your Console 

  • Notifications
  • Events
Secure devices with a list of over 50 different policies

Make sure corporate data is not compromised

  • Hardware policies (Disable Camera, VPN…)
  • Network policies (Disable Calls, SMS…)
  • Network configurations
Know where devices are in the field

Be aware of where your devices are in the field

  • Geolocation
  • Geofencing
Enroll devices in seconds

Streamline device enrollment 

  • Zero-touch enrollment
  • NFC
  • QR code
  • EMM token

Your device list at a glance

Organize multiple levels with labels; filter and perform mass actions
Mobile device management

Quick access to alerts and events

Set up alerts to be kept informed on any events or configuration issues
Mobile management: alerts and events