Powerful and native Android MDM

WizyEMM is the first Android MDM solution focused exclusively on Android Enterprise. We built our solution from the ground up for Android, using the newest Android Management API. We are the best-in-breed mobile device management for Android Enterprise deployments, 100% aligned with new Android Enterprise standards.

Android Device Management

Consistent, powerful and flexible management capabilities for Android Enterprise with strict set of enterprise grade requirements.

App distribution

Managed Google Play Store provides robust application distribution and configuration coupled tightly with Google Play Protect’s anti-malware protection.

Security Management

Providing enterprise customers with robust security features and controls. Validated Advanced Features management sets for Android Enterprise.

Android MDM with the latest technology

Manage, secure and control your Android devices Fleet

Ensure devices are always productive

Maintain devices up and running in the field

  • Upload, push, configure and update apps
  • Start applications remotely
  • Send message 
  • Remote control
  • Live feedback on device configurations with the feedback channel
Enroll devices in seconds

Streamline device enrollment 

Secure devices with a list of over 50 different policies

Make sure corporate data is not compromised

  • Hardware policies (Disable Camera, VPN…)
  • Network policies (Disable Calls, SMS…)
  • Network configurations
Manage files
  • Push files to your devices
  • Sync files from the device to a server
Set up alerts to be kept informed on any configuration issues

Always keep an eye on your Console 

  • Notifications
  • Events
Know where devices are in the field

Be aware of where your devices are in the field

  • Geolocation
  • Geofencing

MDM for Android: secure and control your Android devices

Secure Android MDM Software

Protect you corporate data with Device Security and Policies

  • Enforce Screen lock
  • Wipe or block devices remotely
  • Always on malware protection thanks to Google Play Protect
  • Prevent sideloading of apps
  • Enforce policies
  • Block the devices when they leave a fencing area
  • Enforce strong password
  • Configure secured networks. Push certificates / VPN / Proxy / EAP / TLS / TTLS Wifi with password
  • Lock you device with single or multi-app Kiosk mode, prevent access to system settings or any other apps
  • Prevent from factory reset
  • Blacklist websites under Chrome
Learn more about Android Mobile security

Device Enrollment Methods for Android

Selecting the best enrollment method depends on your use case.

To know which enrollment method is best for you, check our online guide What is the best method to enroll a device?

Android zero-touch

Deploy thousands of phones in a few clicks.

  • Deploy fleets of devices instantly
  • Secured out of the box

Learn more about zero-touch

NFC tag

Set up a new device by bumping an NFC tag. Using NFC for enrollment is quicker compared to the QR Code and afw#setup methods. The NFC tag holds a NFC configuration file which contains all the information required by the Android device to enroll into WizyEMM. Learn more about NFC enrollment

QR Code

Enrol a device from the setup wizard by easily scanning a QR code. From Android 9 and + this QR Code can also contain the Wifi settings to speed up the enrollment process. Learn more about QR Code enrollment


Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment automated solution that allows IT admins to enroll a large number of devices to their MDM for corporate use

EMM Token

With this setup method, a user (typically an IT admin) enters a token provided by WizyEMM in a device’s setup wizard using afw#setup. Learn more about EMM Token Enrollment

MDM for Android made easy with our simple console

Your Android fleet at a glance: Organize multiple levels with labels, filter and perform mass actions

Intuitive Android MDM

Quick access to alerts and events: Set up alerts to be kept informed on any events or configuration issues

Android MDM : alerts and events

Block outgoing calls

WizyEMM’s Companion app can block outgoing calls.
For customers who provide a phone with a SIM card, but want to avoid calls being made to expensive numbers.

Geolocation settings

Geolocation Settings

Enable geolocation on devices, without having the companion app reporting the current location of the device. The typical use case would be: enable geolocation on the device to enable the user to use Waze or Google Maps, but do not report the device location for privacy or GDPR reason

Advanced Application and system updates

  • Define a daily maintenance window where you want to allow the updates to avoid disturbing the workers during day time
  • Define freeze time periods where you want to prevent any update to happen
  • Force a specific application version

Customise your settings

  • Select the fleet information that matters to you and customise the table columns.
  • Setup email alerts on application logs errors, low battery, or when a device command failed to apply