About Us

Our Mission

Deliver Innovative Digital Cloud Solutions for Mobility, by leveraging Android Enterprise, Google Hyperscale Cloud Platform and Artificial Intelligence services.

Our Story

WizyEMM is part of  www.wizy.io, a Startup created in 2015, dedicated to B2B SaaS solutions for Frontline Workers built on Google technologies.  We work with innovative customers to develop disruptive Cloud SaaS solutions. We leverage the power of the Cloud, AI and Mobile adoption to disrupt and innovate.

WizyEMM head office is based in Paris – France. We are “global by design” with founders and teams on 4 continents, as well as customers in 30 countries. We have 2 teams of Developers located in Angers – France, near the “Chateaux de la Loire”, and in Manila – Philippines.  We support our customers and partners with local teams in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA as well as our 24/7 Manilla Support Center. 

Visit our Startup Studio home page to discover all our B2B SaaS solutions as well as our Management team.

Our Executive Team
Laurent Gasser CEO
Laurent Gasser
Gino Tria VP Tech Services
Gino Tria
VP Tech Services
Florian Ponroy CTO - Product Manager WizyEMM
Florian Ponroy
CTO - Product Manager WizyEMM
Louis Naugès Chief Strategy Officer
Louis Naugès
Chief Strategy Officer
Scott Beachley General Counsel
Scott Beachley
General Counsel
Herminio Marquez
General Manager - Americas
Our Management Team
Annette Gasser Director Finance
Annette Gasser
Director Finance
Melissa Tria
Director QA
Lâm Tran Duy
Backend Lead Developer
Limmanuel Lopez
Frontend Lead Developer
Elton John Acevedo Yazon
Frontend Developer
Joris Mansart
Backend Developer
Reina Patricia Sun
QA Engineer