Migrating From Windows CE To Android

Make the switch. Now.

Support for Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 has ended. Supply chain, warehouse, retail and field service companies that are still running this OS are unknowingly leaving their operations with increased security risk. There are no updates, patches, or fixes available in the case of a breach.

The only upgrade path is to Android which has become the gold standard OS in the Enterprise.

Of course this comes with both hardware and software considerations. This may seem very daunting but it’s not. For hardware there are an increasing number of Android Enterprise Recommended devices to choose from WizyEMM’s OEM Partners. In addition to this, there is no need to worry about rewriting existing apps and workflows from legacy OS to Android; this can be done very quickly and painlessly utilizing Ivanti Velocity. In this new Android focussed world traditional mobile device management solutions won’t cut it. It must be one built utilizing Android’s own Management APIs; WizyEMM is the natural choice able to support both the Android device and any app and workflows being ported across with Ivanti Velocity.

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3 Reasons For Migrating To Android If You’re Stuck At Windows CE

Windows CE had a good run but Microsoft has announced the end of life for this line of operating system with Version 6.0 deemed unsupported as of April 2018. Windows CE Version 7.0 is slated to become unsupported April 2021. This means services that have relied on Windows CE face a major decision point. One thing’s for sure, unsupported legacy devices are vulnerable to security breaches. It’s imperative that organizations have a plan in place to mitigate against the threats posed by legacy technologies. Switching to a different OS is usually the top consideration along with hardware refresh. Android is the best option. Here are 3 reasons why[…]

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