Smart Analytics

Mobile device management Analytics

Unlimited power and customization possibilities

  • Analytics on Google Cloud unified data Analytics platform.
  • Transform Big Query historical data into meaningful dashboards.

Rather than building reports for you, we leverage Google Cloud unified analytics platform to deliver a unique Smart analytics experience.

We empower your business while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost.

You gain real-time insights that improve your decision-making, verify compliance, and accelerate innovation.

We store all your analytics history on Google Big Query database, with the option to get your own Google Cloud account hosted on the datacenter of your choice.

Smart Analytics
  • You can compare, filter and organize the exact data you need on the fly
  • No more waiting for multiple static reports lost in your inbox every morning
  • We use the power of Google Data Studio
  • We provide template reports to make your life easy
  • You can also create you own reports for your own insights
  • All reports can be exported in CSV / Excel format in one click
Smart Advanced
  • For data driven companies looking for predictive insights
  • To leverage your data in new ways to accelerate your innovation
  • We give you access to your own Google Big Query Database in your Google account and you own Google Data Studio with all featured functionalities
  • Have at you fingertips all Google Smart Analytics services
  • You can include all your device data history collected in other EMM’s
  • We can assist you with predictive analytics Machine Learning models
Smart Custom
  • For companies with existing datalake and smart analytics platform
  • We can connect WizyEMM to the analytics platform of your choice
  • Transfer daily all WizyEMM data to empower you existing solution
  • We connect to Microsoft Azure solutions / Power BI as well as any Cloud or On-Premise solution
  • Build your own compliance reports
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Business intelligence facilitated with BigQuery and Data Studio

No need to be a BI expert to exploit insightful data. With Data Studio, BI is facilitated, and allows you to do predictive analysis.
At WizyEMM, as we are 100% SaaS Cloud on Google Cloud Platform, our choice naturally went to BigQuery and Data Studio to provide advanced analytics to our customers.[…]

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Business intelligence facilitated with BigQuery and Data Studio