Cloud Data Location

Mobile Data security and privacy is paramount to us

That’s why we rely on the most secure solutions on the market

  • Google Cloud for developing and hosting WizyEMM
  • Android Enterprise with  Android Management API, Zero-touch enrollment and Managed Google Play, to secure and manage Android devices.

We value data privacy. WizyEMM has been designed and built to be compliant with the most stringent worldwide regulations, European GDPR. Our internal processes are aligned with GDPR requirements.

You can read more in our Security and Privacy Policy.

Google Cloud

WizyEMM is a SaaS solution built on Google Cloud services: App Engine, Cloud SQL, IAM, Big Query, Pub Sub. We enjoy Google Cloud SLA of 99.95% to make sure that WizyEMM is always up and running. 

We don’t manage the infrastructure, we use Google Cloud services. We avoid micromanaging the security and scalability of the servers; Google Cloud is better than us. Google Cloud is one of the most secure Cloud providers worldwide with a wide range of certifications listed in their Compliance resource center 

Google Cloud has data centers located in multiple cloud regions.  WizyEMM has deployed separate instances dedicated to regions where our customers are located. We make sure our customers can comply with local data hosting regulations.

Google Cloud Partner
WizyEMM Data center location Map

Our data center locations

  • Belgium for European customers under GDPR regulations
  • USA - Iowa
  • Brazil - Sao Paulo coming soon
Japan Asia Pacific
  • India - Mumbai
  • Australia - Sydney
  • Indonesia - Jakarta
  • Japan - Tokyo coming soon