Field Services

Quicker response times. Higher Productivity. Greater customer satisfaction.

Having a rock solid mobility strategy is central to any business that has workers out in the field

This could be energy service technicianstelecoms engineersnurses providing in-home care, building servicesfront line workers, first responders, even taxi drivers.

It is essential that these resources whilst they are away from base are both agile and able to act quickly to changing demands.  Mobility allows these workers to use mobile devices to manage their workflow, and their organisation to stay connected to them in real time.

The nature of field services is 24/7 hence in many cases, devices are shared between shift workers.

WizyEMM is the best Android device management solution for these critical in field devices.

WizyEMM - Productivity and Profitability.

Silent distribution

No interference with essential tasks


Know where assets are at all times

Remote control

Train or troubleshoot anywhere

Wipe & Lock

Peace of mind if the device is lost or stolen

Kiosk mode

Customized user experience


Easy deployment regardless of fleet size or location