Connected care.

From hospitals, to GP consultations, home visits by nurses and aged care facilities; healthcare professionals need to have real time and secure access to medical data.

Mobility and digitization continue to transform the healthcare sector.  WizyEMM enables healthcare providers to manage BYOD & hospital owned devices enabling their workers secure access to patient data and resources needed to provide more individualised patient care.

For patients their care journey is also enhanced through WizyEMM mobile device management whether that be delivery of entertainment through a tablet or a kiosk for the patient to be able to better understand, monitor and actively participate in their recovery.  It is proven that the instances of readmission to hospital post discharge are significantly reduced when the correct mobile solution is managed and deployed for both the healthcare worker and the patient ie doctors and nurses can focus on the most critical cases arriving to the hospital.

WizyEMM - enabling frontline healthcare workers and greater patient outcomes.


Keep medical data & patient data safe

Restricted access

Only by the authorised medical professional

Kiosk mode

Lock down for single purpose