Android Device Management for Frontline Workers

Cloud Android MDM, built on Android Enterprise, Pay as you go

Android Device Management Solution

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Security Management

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Content Management

Simple and Intuitive Android MDM Solution

Secure & manage Android devices with multiple features:

  • App management
  • Security Compliance
  • Mobile OS update management
  • Kiosk mode
  • Geofencing and Geolocation
  • Remote Control
  • Android Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment, Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment
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Simple and Intuitive Android Device Management

We bring the most aligned Device Management for Android

WizyEMM is the first Android device management solution focused exclusively on Android Enterprise. We built our solution from the ground up for Android, using the newest Android Management API. We are the best-in-breed mobile device management for your Android Enterprise deployments.

Official Android Enterprise EMM Partner

  • Full device management
  • Work profile management
  • Dedicated device management
  • Rugged device management
Knox Validated Partner
Honeywell recommended

Android MDM made easy

App management

Silently install and updates business apps, public apps, private apps, web apps

Kiosk Mode

Single and multi apps lockdown with custom branding

Security Compliance

Lock, wipe, passwords reinforcement, Wi-Fi, certificate and VPN management

Content Management

Push files to your fleet. Retrieve files or folders to a server


Locate the position of your corporate fleet in real time on a map

Remote Control

Remote view of all your Android devices. Take control of your devices for 10 manufacturers

Android Device Management supporting all ownership types

Fully Managed

Full control of data and applications. Applying advanced restrictions.

Fully Managed device COBO

Single Use

Single app kiosk or multiple app kiosk mode.
Limitation to certain specific applications or use cases.

Dedicated Device Management KIOSK

Work Profile (BYOD)

Allows employees to use their own phone for work.
Total separation of environments.

Personal Device BYOD Personally-Owned

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Why our customers love our Android MDM?

Speed and agility

We avoid technical debt. By building our solution on the cloud around APIs, we maintain the agility required to quickly develop the features our customers want. We work with you to understand your business.

Keeping it simple

We were built with simplicity as our core tenant. No need to navigate the complexities of traditional MDMs and EMMs. We put all of the complexity behind the scenes, so you can focus on what matters.

Latest Android security

We offer zero-trust security by leveraging Android Enterprise’s full security stack. We have adopted a comprehensive, multi-layer platform security architecture, from the hardware layer to the application layer.

Chronopost WizyEMM Android Device Management use case

Chronopost Success Story

Chronopost teams up with WizyEMM to deliver 50’000 parcels every day
A member of DPDgroup, Chronopost provides express shipping and delivery service both domestically in France and internationally. Chronopost deployed 10.000 Zebra TC 56 Android Enterprise devices in a record time.

WizyEMM saves Chronopost and my team time and money by simplifying the management of our business-critical mobile solutions.

Chams Fathallah
IT Transport Director, Chronopost
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Domalys: Improving the lives of vulnerable people

WizyEMM has allowed us to greatly simplify the manufacturing and distribution of our devices. The entire production chain is now more robust, while allowing us to further personalize our devices.
In addition, WizyEMM allows us to finally have visibility on the use of these devices once deployed in the field. This visibility also allows us better responsiveness in the support provided to our customers, and therefore greater satisfaction.

Support IoT, Domalys
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Domalys Testimonial for WizyEMM Android Device Management

Our MDM for Android is available in 4 versions

Local Business

Free MDM for Android.
Limited to 2 devices. Create your account in minutes.

Starting at $1.8 /device /month*

Full featured Android Device Management.
Secure and Manage any size of Android devices fleet

Starting at $2.7 /device /month*

Advanced Android Device Management 
Includes remote control

On demand

Custom Android MDM Solution.
Includes White Label, Named account manager, Advanced or Custom Smart Analytics and more

* billed yearly