Frontline Android Device Management

Account and device set up in minutes - 10 or 10,000. Integrate our APIs into your processes and workflows. No Problem.

Android Device Management
Android Experts

We are built for Android. We leverage Android’s newest APIs to offer the easiest, quickest and most secure MDM in the market. We also partner with Android OEMs to provide advanced management capabilities.

Cloud Native

We are a cloud native company, and offer extensive APIs to meet your specific business use cases. Integrate your data into your own SaaS? Check. Connect to your historical data on your own cloud? Yep.

Cost effective

We don’t only look to be technology leaders. We offer our innovation at the correct price, and allow for PAYG. Scale up or down on a monthly basis. How is that possible? Because we’re 100% focused on Android.

Our customers love us
Chronopost WizyEMM use case
Chronopost Success Story
Chams Fathallah
WizyEMM saves Chronopost and my team time and money by simplifying the management of our business-critical mobile solutions.
IT Transport Director, Chronopost
Domalys: Improving the lives of vulnerable people

WizyEMM has allowed us to greatly simplify the manufacturing and distribution of our devices.
The entire production chain is now more robust, while allowing us to further personalize our devices.
In addition, WizyEMM allows us to finally have visibility on the use of these devices once deployed in the field.
This visibility also allows us better responsiveness in the support provided to our customers, and therefore greater satisfaction.

Support IoT, Domalys
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Why our customers love us?
Speed and agility

We avoid technical debt. By building our solution on the cloud around APIs, we maintain the agility required to quickly develop the features our customers want. We work with you to understand your business.

Keeping it simple

We were built with simplicity as our core tenant. No need to navigate the complexities of traditional MDMs and EMMs. We put all of the complexity behind the scenes, so you can focus on what matters.

Latest Android security

We offer zero-trust security by leveraging Android Enterprise’s full security stack. We have adopted a comprehensive, multi-layer platform security architecture, from the hardware layer to the application layer.


From hospitals, to GP consultations, home visits by nurses and aged care facilities; healthcare professionals need to have real time and secure access to medical data.

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Transportation & logistics

Ecommerce is booming and this growth is set to continue. Today’s online shopper is very demanding. When customers purchase online they want their goods delivered fast.

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This landscape is evolving. Quickly. In recent times we have witnessed products selling out, increased consumer purchasing online, inventory management overwhelmed and underprepared.

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