Rugged Devices Management

Optimize rugged devices for maximum productivity

Rugged devices are essential components of any digital strategy in harsh environments, whether it be field services, warehousing, or logistics. Minimizing downtime is critical, because it heavily impacts operations, and in turn profitability. A successful mobility strategy for rugged devices is necessary to maximize productivity and ROI.

WizyEMM is working alongside all major rugged OEMs to answer specific needs for enterprise use cases. We have integrated three of their functionalities to bring added-value for our customers: FOTA, OEMConfig, and cloud services.

We work with all major rugged OEMs to provide specific integrations:


Firmware Over the Air

Pushing firmware over the air is a key factor in minimizing downtime of deployed rugged devices. There is no more need to bring back devices to a centralized warehouse to manually upload via USB any security patch or OS upgrade. WizyEMM admin users can do so in our console in only a few clicks. Save hours of downtime of devices and of logistical complexity by simply pushing firmware updates over the air.


OEMConfig enables our users to go even further than our standard mobile device management capabilities. It lets our users configure OEM-specific settings for their rugged devices, directly from their WizyEMM console. It offers a more granular approach to MDM, needed for devices which contain advanced hardware capabilities like scanners. Learn More.

OEM Cloud Service

WizyEMM integrates with selected OEM cloud services to bring back to the WizyEMM console additional specific device insights, only obtainable at the hardware level. We then aggregate these data points and offer them in a uniform way to our customers, through standard dashboards or APIs. Interested in building a device health dashboard? Check-out our Smart Analytics page.