BYOD – Android Work Profile

Helping our customers adopt a BYOD strategy

Companies today need to find a new mobility strategy which can help them in the digitalization of their workforce. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is here to help. It promises new streams of productivity in today’s mobile workforce, where employees want to access their work applications and documents from any device of their choice. BYOD is here to redefine mobility in the corporate world.

Quick enrollment

Scan a QR code and create a work profile in seconds

Remote wipe and lock

Maintain control over corporate data and applications

Separate Apps & Data

Containerize work applications and data

Application management

Push company applications to devices over the air, and configure them remotely

How WizyEMM can help your BYOD strategy

BYOD stands for Bring-your-own-device. Employees choose which device they wish to work with, and their employer ensures that all employees can securely access the required applications and documents to work with. A key feature of BYOD is that corporate and personal data co-exist on the same device, so it is fundamental to ensure that these data remain separate. WizyEMM handles this data containerization and management policiesLearn more about BYOD on

BYOD key features: containerization and security

WizyEMM enables companies to adopt a BYOD strategy by allowing employees to create a work profile on any employee-owned Android device. This work profile exists in its own container on the device, and the IT manager has control over management and data policies of the work profile. An employee can be set up in minutes with any Android device. Simply scan a QR code which then downloads the work profile configured by the IT admin. All business applications and corporate data are secured within the work profile. Learn about the Android Management API.

Android work profile - BYOD