Supply Chain & Warehousing

Uptime. Productivity. Accuracy.

Never have mobile devices been more important in the warehouse; whether that be for inventory management, voice picking, PTT communications, access to warehouse management systems, or the ability to run reports and monitor KPIs. There is urgency to ensure warehouse operations are fully digitised, and carry no technology debt.

It is clear that mobility boosts warehouse performance. Having the right tool to manage warehouse mobility is important but having a mobile device management tool that is also agile enough to adjust and adapt to the businesses needs in changing environments is critical. WizyEMM maximises both worker and device uptime. It also supports on demand the ability to scale up the number of devices based on business pressures and market circumstances.

WizyEMM - saving time, money, creating efficiencies and enabling better service to customers. Future proofing the supply chain.


Maximise data plans. No bill shock.

Remote Control

No additional IT resource needed on site for troubleshooting.

Zero touch

Quick deployment. Maximum productivity.


Keep mobile assets safe and only where they are meant to be.