Transportation & Logistics

Visibility end to end.

Ecommerce is booming and this growth is set to continue. Today’s online shopper is very demanding. When customers purchase online they want their goods delivered fast.  

Hence there’s immense pressure on warehouses, postal services and courier companies to ensure speed and consistency in delivery of parcels, to keep track of their freight, assets and workers.

Deploying mobile devices is central to guaranteeing these challenges are met.  WizyEMM is the perfect mobile device management solution for these devices in the field.

WizyEMM - First and Last Mile.

Remote control

Train or troubleshoot in the field.


Keep data safe.


Track devices real time and view historical routes.

Kiosk mode

Branded employee experience.


No need to come back to base.

Silent App distribution

Occurs in the background. No worker distractions.