We leverage Zebra’s mobility suite for better productivity

FOTA Lifeguard Over The Air

View the status of your Zebra fleet directly from our console, and see if they are up to day on the latest security patches and software updates. Stay on top of the lifecycle of your Zebra devices, by pushing and installing over the air the latest security and OS updates. Tired of manually downloading and installing firmware updates to your devices? Of managing the complexity of all of the different firmware versions? Simplify your Zebra device management with WizyEMM. Learn more about Zebra LifeGuard Over The Air.

Savanna data services

Zebra Data Services is an API-driven approach by Zebra to help solve your data puzzle, and digitally transform the way your business drives performance to become more productive and profitable. WizyEMM integrates Zebra Data Services with our MDM capabilities, to provide insightful dashboards of your Zebra fleet, for example on Device Health. Read more about Savanna data services.

Mobility DNA

We integrate with Zebra’s mobility suite, to provide advanced management capabilities to our customers and partners. We have experience using and integrating Mobility DNA products like Lifeguard, Enterprise Home Screen and OEMConfig. Reach a higher level of productivity for your Zebra devices with WizyEMM. Read more about Mobility DNA.

WizyEMM integrates Zebra Savanna APIs to provide Lifeguard Over the Air updates

Check the status of your Zebra fleet, and deploy firmware updates in a few clicks
Zebra-FOTA - Firmware update over the air - LifeGuard