Android Enterprise Management API

Android Enterprise Management APIs: simple, powerful, native.

Made by Android Enterprise, brought to life by WizyEMM

Android Management API enables WizyEMM to offer the most simple and powerful management experience for Android Enterprise devices there is. This API is native to all Android devices, which have Google Mobile Services. No more coding, patches, technical debt, legacy systems, bolt on upgrades, expensive development costs. With the Android Management API WizyEMM has been able to focus on what matters most to our Partners and end customers; agility, speed of deployment, ease of use, the best user experience.  Don’t get left behind. Join the future of Android enterprise mobility with WizyEMM and the Android Management API. Learn more and Android Official Blog

Android Enterprise magic

The Android Management API is the personification of every Android Enterprise best practice. WizyEMM leverages Google’s magic to create the most advanced Android management experience there is. The Android Management API supports all the required advanced features for work profile, fully managed device, and dedicated device solution sets.  Many powerful Android Enterprise features are exclusive to Android Management API, including Secure by default, and Android 11 privacy strengthening features which are back-ported to Android 8. Have a piece of mind when choosing a mobile device management solution. WizyEMM has all features already implemented.

Supporting customers migrate from Android Device Administrator

The historical way of managing Android devices through Android Device Administrator is no longer available for new deployments. It has been progressively deprecated since Android 9. Many customers and businesses still have devices managed under Device Administrator, with legacy EMMs.  

WizyEMM supports migration into the new way of managing Android devices with Android Enterprise and the Android Management API, future proofing businesses from day one.

Native to all Android GMS Devices

Running Android 6.0 and above. Works with Android One, Android Go.

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Secured by default

Leveraging Android Enterprise best practices.

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