Android Kiosk Lockdown

Lockdown devices into single-purpose with the Kiosk Mode

WizyEMM’s Android kiosk technology enables our customers to lockdown single-purpose devices into specific applications, restricting access to underlying configurations. This feature is especially important for customer-facing devices used in retail and in the hospitality industries.

We have developed a simple easy-to-use kiosk technology, based on the new Android APIs. Learn more about Android Management APIs.

Easy to implement – Enable in a few clicks – Customize your Kiosk UI

Customize kiosk branding

Put your own branding on your device wallpaper.

  • define where you want to place the icons
  • the size of the grid and the number of rows and columns
  • the color of the status bar
  • display the Serial Number
  • add custom variables and text to the bottom banner 
  • set up a background wallpaper
  • set screen orientation
  • define and admin exit password

Learn more on our support center

Restrict access to selected applications

Make sure your devices are used for their single purpose

Silently install, update and remove apps

No need to return devices to an IT manager

Hide applications from the kiosk

Install applications and have them running in the background

Block access to settings

Ensure your devices are not used for other purposes

Exit Kiosk with a password

Define an admin password, and allow the user to exit the Kiosk mode (online or offline).

Show app in full screen mode

Lockdown your device into one inescapable application

Customize the Android Kiosk UI

Put your own branding on your device wallpaper. Define where you want to place the icons, the color of the status bar, display the Serial Number, and much more.

Extra functionalities are available as well, such as disabling the status bar, the power button, the keyguard, and notifications. WizyEMM administrators can also define single-application kiosk modes, in which the device is locked-down into one inescapable application. Last but not least, our kiosk technology allows for customization of branding: choose your own wallpaper on all of your kiosk devices.

Kiosks are everywhere, and their adoption will continue to rise with the digitalization of the economy. Make sure that your devices are only used for their single purposes.

Learn more about Android’s dedicated devices technology.

Android Kiosk App - Kiosk lockdown

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WizyEMM Kiosk lockdown

Configure your Android Kiosk

Lockdown your device into one inescapable application, put your own branding on your device

From the WizyEMM console, enable the kiosk on a device, or a group of devices in a few clicks. This will automatically lock down your selected devices into a kiosk launcher, from which users will only be able to access your pre-approved applications.

We designed a simple and intuitive interface to configure the kiosk:

  • The Kiosk Display Settings box lets you select colours with a colour picker
  • In the Applications Arrangement box, you can simply drag and drop an app icon from the left to the screen on the right, to place it on a specific placeholder. The placeholders are automatically configured based on the Row and Col values set
  • Vou can customise the text on each device with a list of dynamic variables, such as Device Name, Device Serial Number, Device IMEI, Device Wifi Mac address, Device IP address, Phone Number, User name and much more