Remote Control

Take control of your Android Devices

Access devices remotely to instantly debug issues and solve them over-the-air. Our remote control capabilities were built with one of the leading players on the market. Troubleshoot your devices deployed in the field in a few minutes from the EMM console. WizyEMM admins can view the screen real-time and use point-and-click navigation to interact with the device. No need to bring devices back to a central location to manually configure them. Remote control your devices from our console in a few clicks. See mobile device management for Android.

Remote control in WizyEMM Console

Access devices remotely to instantly debug issues and solve them over-the-air

mobile device remote control

Remote Control

Remote control to troubleshoot potential issues for HP, Archos, Honeywell, Lenovo, Point Mobile, Samsung, Sony, Zebra, Datalogic and Unitech

Remote View

View devices in real time from your WizyEMM console. Remote view is compatible with any version of Android, and lets you see instantly what your devices are displaying. Connect to your devices from anywhere in the world.

Remote Messaging

Send messages to your devices from the EMM console in a few clicks through push notifications. Inform your device users of any communication instantly, in a few clicks. Send messages in batches to your devices, or target a specific device.