Mobile Application Management

Securely deploy and manage applications with WizyEMM Mobile Application Management

Managed Google Play store

WizyEMM partnered with Google to offer easy deployment, securitization, and management of applications through managed Google Play store. Distributing business applications the right way is critical to ensure a successful mobility strategy, and we found that Google handles Mobile Application Management the best. Expanding on the Google Play store capabilities, managed Google Play store is built for enterprise. It allows WizyEMM users to select public applications, upload private apps, or create web apps in a few clicks. Managed Google Play store is the most scalable and secure Mobile Application Management there is, thanks to its anti-malware software Play Protect, and its global reach. Learn more

Fast, easy and secure

Business applications must be secured and configured quickly when they arrive on mobile devices, to avoid any risk from a security standpoint, and to avoid any downtime due to applications misconfigurations. WizyEMM Mobile Application Management takes care of these key elements for you. Using the managed Google Play store, it only takes seconds to select, configure and deploy public, private or web apps. WizyEMM users can also quickly deploy tracks of their internal applications to their enrolled devices, to quickly test new application updates in the field. With WizyEMM Mobile Application Management, IT admins have full control over device applications. Learn more about Mobile Security.

Advanced Mobile Application Management functionalities

WizyEMM went further than legacy Mobile Application Management solutions, by integrating advanced Google Play functionalities such as managed configurations, application tracks selection, and the feedback channel. Users can also quickly configure their applications with managed configurations, a new Android standard supported by Google Play. WizyEMM also integrates with the feedback channel, which allows IT admins to view application logs on supported applications. 

Upload or select applications to manage

Choose your applications from the public Google Play store, or upload your own private APKs

  • Public Apps
  • Private Apps
  • Web Apps
  • System Apps
Deploy application tracks for testing purposes

Deploy a specific application version to devices, as defined by your app developers in the Google Play console

Distribute applications silently

Automatically distribute your applications in 2 clicks, and choose how you want to install them

  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • Silent app distribution
  • Force install
Update applications over the air

Choose when and how you want to update your applications over the air

  • Scheduled updates
  • Only over wifi
  • Always
Configure applications remotely

Configure applications using managed configurations

Example: blocking URLs in Chrome

Bring back application logs with the feedback channel

Get informed automatically of any application misconfiguration

Example: managed configuration not applied correctly on a device

WizyEMM integrates directly the Google Play Store

Easily access and select public apps from the Play Store
Google playstore

Push your Private Apps

Deploy your business app to a private Play Store only visible to your company and deploy it on your fleet
Deploy private applications to your mobile fleet

WizyEMM integrates Android's Feedback channel

This communication channel allows IT admins to receive feedback about the status of the apps installed on the devices they manage.
Applications logs - Feedback channel