Android Mobile Security

Secure your corporate Android devices and protect your business data

Secure and control your Android devices

With WizyEMM, secure your Android devices by enforcing strong passcodes, VPN, factory reset protection and multiple restrictions and policies. For instance, you can deny data roaming, disallow adding users. Deploy apps in a separate work profile to enforce protection for work apps and data.

Google Play Protect

Ensure there are no potentially harmful applications on your devices

Remote lock & wipe

Remotely lock or wipe your devices in a few clicks


Set up geofences to automatically lock wandering devices

Password enforcement

Configure passwords for your devices on the fly. Define the level of complexity to fit your security standards.

50+ device restrictions and policies

Restrict access to device features, such as camera, bluetooth, or VPNs

Network security

Configure and enforce your networks remotely. Push certificates / VPN / Proxy / EAP / TLS / TTLS Wifi with password…

Mobile Device Management for Android: secure and control your Android devices

Android Mobile Security: Android Security Layers

Android Enterprise Security

Android Enterprise provides Multiple layer of security to keep devices and data protected.

To stay informed on Android Enterprise security, we recommend that you follow Mike Burr on LinkedIn. Mike is Android Enterprise Security Specialist. 

Mike latest Android Enterprise blog post introduces the Android Enterprise Security White paper updated January 2020

“Android Enterprise has received ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 and 3 reports for information security practices and procedures for Android Management API, zero-touch enrollment and managed Google Play. This designation ensures these services meet strict industry standards for security and privacy”

WizyEMM is built on Android Management API, Zero-touch enrollment and Managed Google Play, therefore leveraging all Android Enterprise certifications. 


Set up geofences to automatically lock wandering devices

Learn more about Geofencing on our Help Center.

geofencing - android mobile device management

Network Security

Configure and enforce your networks remotely

Configure wifi networks remotely

Password enforcement

Configure passwords for your devices on the fly. Define the level of complexity to fit your security standards.
Define your enterprise password policy with precision

Solving the Android mobile security challenge

Mobile security and protecting corporate data is a major challenge for IT decision makers. One small breach in mobile endpoints can lead to major losses in company data, and brand confidence. The number of mobile endpoints is increasing with the digitalization of the economy, and many of these still aren’t protected. 47% of IT decision makers say they don’t have a clear BYOD mobile security policy. We’re here to help. We leverage Android Enterprise’s full security stack to offer a zero-trust approach to security, by providing the best-in-class device and data protection.

Zero Trust approach to Android mobile security

WizyEMM is built specifically for Android Enterprise, on the newest Android technologies. This enables us to provide multiple layers of security to keep your device and data protected. On the hardware side, mandatory hardware backed security protects critical tasks and operations, such as verified boot. The Android OS platform contains complete platform security which ensures device and data integrity. Google Play Protect constantly scans applications, and remediates instantly. Finally secure your devices which our WizyEMM-enforced policy controls. Remote wipe or lock devices which have been compromised. Set up geofences to automatically lock devices which leave a given area, and choose from a list of over 50 device policies the ones which are the most suited to ensure mobile security. Learn more on

Secure by default

WizyEMM is built on the Android Management API, the latest set of management tools developed by Android. Mobile security best practices come out of the box with Android Management API. Android Management API automatically enables a suite of Android security features on all devices, reducing the complexity of configuration for our customers. WizyEMM warns IT admins in real time when the security posture of a device or changes to their policy configurations put corporate data at risk. WizyEMM intrinsically provides the best Android mobile security there is, because we are built on tools that combine the best practices from Google and the broader ecosystem out of the box.